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Written by ahmadpour   


1. "Feasibility study on production of Hydrogen Peroxide in Mashhad, 1998.

2. Chairman of the standard compilation of:
a. "Planning of ambient air quality monitoring",
b. "Air quality- Vocabulary", and
c. "Air quality- Stratified sampling method for assessment of ambient air quality", for Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, 1998.

3. Environmental part of "Collection, transportation, and disposal of Mashhad solid wastes", for Municipality of Mashhad, 1999.
4. "Investigation on the possibility of outlet air filtration for prill tower of the urea plant", for Khorasan Petrochemical Complex, 1999.

5. "Preparation and characterization of activated carbons for gas storages", for Research Institute of Petroleum Industry (RIPI), 2000.
6. "Preparation and characterization of carbon molecular sieves for separation and purification of gases", for RIPI, 2001.

7. "Developing methods for pore size control and characterization of porous solids", for RIPI, 2002.

8. "Application of nanotechnolody in environments", for Ministry of Industries and Mining, 2002.

9. "Investigating on chemical composition of additives to improve the throwing power in electroplating bath of automobile guards", for Supplier of Automotive Parts Company (SAPCO), 2002.

10. "Investigating the requirement and optimal usage of corrosion inhibitors in their batch injection into Khangiran gas wells", for National Iranian Central Field Oil Company, 2003.

11. "Techno-economical and environmental evaluation of nitrogen transport associated with natural gas in the pipelines and its various removal methods from the gas refineries outlet", for National Iranian Gas Company, 2003.

12. "Techno-economical evaluation and feasibility study on regeneration of spent activated carbons used in gas refineries", for National Iranian Gas Company, 2003.

13. "Investigation on composition and structure of microcrystalline wastes in Mashhad power plant to find markets for them", for Khorasan Region Power Company, 2003.

14. "Characterization of ASTM oils and introducing their alternatives", for Toos Tire Industries, 2004.

15. "Complete investigation on nanotechnology and chances in the area of automobile industries", for Ministry of Defense, 2005.

16. "Study, design and pilot plant production of super-activated carbons for adsorption of chemical and toxic gases in industries", for Besat Complex, 2005.

17. "Investigation and classification of favorable investment areas in advanced industries", for Industries and Mines Organization of Khorasan, 2005.

18. "Building a pilot plant producing carbon nanotubes", for Industries and Mines Organization of Khorasan, 2005.

19. "Investigating the construction of advanced composite polymers for packaging in the food industry", for Fundamental Research Project of Ministry of Industries and Mines, 2005.

20. "The use of nanotechnology in the production of scratch-resistant coatings", for Industries and Mines Organization of Khorasan, 2006.

21. "The use of nanotechnology in the production of self-cleaning glasses", for Industries and Mines Organization of Khorasan, 2006.

22. "Investigating chromium pollutant sources and methods for its removal from Mashhad drinking water by using nanostructured absorbents", for Khorasan Regional Water Corporation, 2006.

23. "Investigating physical and mechanical features of scratch-resistant coatings applied in automobile lenses and feasibility of its production", for Seraj Noor Toos company, 2007.

24. "Techno-economic evaluation and preparation of carbon adsorbent for natural gas (methane) storage", for Khangiran Gas Refining company, 2007.

25. "Application of low cost adsorbents for the removal or reduction of toxic trace elements (mercury, cobalt, etc.) from the aqueous environment", for Khorasan Regional Water Corporation, 2007.

26. "Preparation of carbonaceous absorbents from date pits by using phosphoric acid and zinc chloride chemical agents", FUM supported projects, 2007.

27. "Evaluation of natural gas storage on wet carbon adsorbents", for Khangiran Gas Refining company, 2008.

28. "Compilation of Know-how technical knowledge of POM nanocatalysts praparation and their applications in the synthesis of some organic and drug materials in laboratory and Bench scales", for Leading Projects section of Advanced Industries, Ministry of Industries and Mines, 2008.

29. "Applications of Polyoxometalates (POMs) as green and environmentally friendly catalysts in the preparation of organic compounds", FUM supported projects, 2009.

30. "Photocatalytic synthesis of gold nanoparticles with POMs as environmental friendly catalysts", FUM supported projects, 2010.

31. "Application of heteropolyoxometalates as green catalysts in the photocatalytic production of silver nanoparticles", FUM supported projects, 2011.

32. "Decoration of carbon nanotubes with gold nanoparticles and their antibacterial behavior", FUM supported projects, 2011.